Worksurfing or Work-surfing?

I have come to a crossroads. I have decided I am going to get a real domain for my website, making it even more fun and interesting, with *gasp* more than one page! I've got a few ideas to expand Bored at Work, but what's important right now is the name of this future internet juggernaut. So far, the two forerunners in the name category are etiher http://www.work-surfing.com/ (worksurfing.com is taken), or http://www.worksurfing.net/. I am going to put up a poll about it for everyone to vote, and you can also comment on which you think is better, or give me a suggestion for another name. Well, keep on your worksurfing, or work-surfing if you prefer, but remember, I need to reach a decision by the end of the week, so vote while you can!

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