It's A DS August!

There are a-many games I am excited about for the DS, and almost all of them are coming out in August!

Here is a quick hit list and a small description, for any DS owners out there:

Mario Hoops 3-on-3: Mario Basketball. And guess who's making it. Nope, not Atlus. Not Ubisoft. Not Nintendo? If you guessed Square Enix, you're crazy! But you are also right. Squenix is developing a Mario Basketball game; these are the guys who made the multimillion dollar Final Fantasy saga, and the quality of their previous work should show in this game, no matter how much of a not-an-RPG it is. Plus, you can play as a Moogle. I am buying this game.

Star Fox Command: Star Fox was one of my favorite games ever. Now it is coming to the DS. The last few renditions of Fox have, well, sucked, but this is going back to its roots with original always-in-the-air gameplay. Here's hoping for Andross!

Final Fantasy III: Squenix is on a role. Square made this game way back when, and it is being revived in 3D for my dual-screened Nintendo. There are very few RPGs for the portable, and this will probably really spark things off. RPGs FTW!

Deep Labyrinth: Morrowind on a handheld. Nuff Said.

So here are my recommendations for the DS that will probably keep you busy the rest of the year. Have fun!