The End of the Story

The Series of Unfortunate Events is a wonderfully written story with great wit and mesmerizing characters, rarely matched in the literary world today. And it is one of the most depressing series of books you will ever read. If you haven't read any of the books yet, do it before October 13th, yep that's a Friday, when the final SoUE book comes out: The End. This will hopefully be a masterful finale, with as much emotion as the last 12, and most definitely a gripping and satisfactory ending. Lemony Snicket, the author, has stated that he might stick around to write more stories after the saga of the Baudelaire family has ended, but for now, mark your calender for Friday the 13th of October, when this horrible series of unfortunate events will finally come to a close.


Here Comes Snappy Claus!

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted, but I was way to caught up in America's Got Talent, the most godforsaken show on television. It was especially upsetting tonight, because my favorite performer, Bobby Badfingers, was not picked to move on. America has truly failed me. But wait, his memory can still live on. This is truly a gift from the heavens: Badfingers.com! That's right, it has everything from movie clips to solo mp3's from Badfingers himself. Heck, you can even sign up for the Whippersnapper fanclub, to be even closer to Bobby. This is honestly too good to be true. Here is a great rendition of a classic song. You are sure to love it.




Have you ever heard this expression? If you are on the internet, probably so. Anyways, this is usually an expression of joy or success. And the site Woot.com is exactly that, joyful and successful. Woot is a site that sells one product every day. Just one, and they sell it cheaper than you will find it in any store, other than maybe Amazon or EBay, but they cheated, so we won't count them. It is very interesting to see what they are selling every day, even though it will sometimes not be quite as interesting when they are selling funnel cake holders. Which, by the way, they don't usually sell. So check out the site, and maybe place an order. It's fast, safe (I've done it, successfully might I add), and cheap, and any combination of those words is usually a good thing.


Online Video Game Player

I just recently got an email from my uncle, and in it was a link: onVGP. This site contains 1000's, yes thousands of old video games, anywhere from Super Mario Bros. to Zelda to Sonic. It is still in Beta, and isn't anywhere near perfected, but if you need a quick or extremely long fix, this is the place to go. Not too many people seem to be visiting this website, so spread it around, as it can provide hours of fun. I'll be putting it in one of my link sections later too. Have fun, but not at school/work! Fun is forbidden!