My Mate's Accident

I woke up after a big night to go to the toilet to just find a pair of soiled pants lying on top of the toilet of the big student house...placed like a Van Gogh painting, it looked like the sunflower one.

Being a bit worse for wear, me and Ray got a hockey stick and were dangling them over his face when he was sleeping, plopping them on his head and then cracking up...we then hooked them around the back of his bed by his face and went out the room.

When he woke he looked sooo sheepish, we then told him that we heard screams from a girl in his bedroom in the night and she left...we didn't know who she was, he pulled her on the way home, saying something about you getting all shit freaky on her or something...

He looked so bad and didn't go out for 4 months afterwards! We didn't feel bad because he was a bit boring when out anyway :D

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